how to sell virtual bookkeeping services

You may also pursue certification programs or use online courses to become a self-taught bookkeeper. Many of the processes, policies, and procedures include detail-oriented tasks to ensure financial accuracy. It’s also a good idea to consider your certification options as certifications can help you attract virtual bookkeeping services clients. Consider taking part in the IRS Annual Filing Tax Seasons Program, The Income Tax School, or another certification program. The team at Merritt works in QuickBooks, which is helpful for easy handoff to your accountant and in case you decide down the line to bring your bookkeeping in-house.

Step 2: Determine where you want to sell

Bookkeeping creates financial statements, like your balance sheet and income statement, that hold key information about your cash flow, profitability, and business health. Selling a virtual bookkeeping service business requires careful planning and execution. By following the outlined nine steps, you can increase the chances of successfully selling your business. Conducting a thorough valuation, preparing a detailed business plan, and developing a solid financial model are essential in showcasing the value and potential of your business.

  • To start a successful virtual bookkeeping business, you must assemble a team of experienced bookkeepers and a dedicated accountant who can provide high-quality service to your clients.
  • Ignite Spot Accounting is best for businesses that want bookkeepers who are certified in popular bookkeeping programs.
  • On average, a virtual bookkeeper earns over $42K per year and you can do that as well.
  • A great client portal keeps your employees from having to do as much footwork to collect forms and information for your customers.

Choose the right productivity tools

  • Your nerdy – ahem, precise – tendencies could make you the perfect candidate to start your own work-from-home bookkeeping business.
  • Most importantly, virtual bookkeeping services maintain accurate records your business can depend on to make important financial decisions and save on taxes.
  • Freelance jobs can range from quick temporary projects to long-term employment.
  • Small Businesses in White Plains can gain an advantage on their competition by taking on the services of an Online or Virtual Bookkeeper.
  • However, going with a traditional bank and building a relationship with a local banker have advantages.
  • With effective communication tools and robust data security protocols, you can build trust with your clients and establish your business as a reliable partner for their bookkeeping needs.

You just need a laptop, an internet connection, the right bookkeeping software, and a marketing budget to get started. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a bookkeeper, now’s the time to start. There are minimal start-up costs, flexible working hours, room for growth, and pay ranges from $20 to $40/hour. And starting has never been easier with the Brilliant Bookkeeper course. This start-to-finish course is designed for beginners in mind, and will give you the confidence and skills required to launch your virtual bookkeeping business.

Personal Trainer

Their flexible schedule gives you the communication of a full-time bookkeeper but on a part-time budget. Kelly Main is a Marketing Editor and Writer specializing in digital marketing, online advertising and web design and development. Before joining the team, she was a Content Producer at Fit Small Business where she served as an editor and strategist covering small business marketing content.

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how to sell virtual bookkeeping services

A virtual bookkeeping business is a professional service that allows accountants to offer accounting and financial management assistance to clients remotely. This business model deviates from the traditional, physical office setup, opting instead for a fully online or digital structure. You need a number of other business essentials to start offering virtual bookkeeping services to clients and make money. Starting a virtual bookkeeping business is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a flexible and scalable side hustle or online business. To maximize the chances of finding the right buyer for your virtual bookkeeping service business, it is crucial to implement a targeted and diverse marketing strategy across multiple channels.

  • Small business owners don’t have a way to determine if you’re credible or not.
  • Still, there are a few other ways to connect to the company’s computer and books.
  • While bookkeeping refers to recording of financial transactions, accounting refers to interpreting and analyzing those recorded transactions.
  • It’s a great way to get started without worrying about upfront costs and with the support you need to succeed.
  • What’s it like to work as a Front Office Expert or Back Office Expert for QuickBooks Live?
  • The cash flow statement, also called the statement of changes in financial position, documents a company’s cash inflows and outflows.
  • Virtual bookkeeping firms also need several non-accounting software subscriptions.

Now, if you can live with monthly reconciliation and have 60 or fewer transactions per month, we recommend Streamline Bookkeeping. Backed by a team of bookkeepers and CPAs, Xendoo can get your business financials under control through expert guidance and regular check-ins. Xendoo is also an affordable option that can scale with your business.

  • Dogs’ coats need regular care, and dog grooming is a service that is in high demand.
  • You don’t need a college degree, or a bunch of money or business experience to get started.
  • This agreement ensures you are both on the same page concerning business operations.
  • The first stage of any competition study is primary research, which entails obtaining data directly from potential customers rather than basing your conclusions on past data.
  • If you have employees or contractors, try applying the hourly rate of the one whose time costs the most.

Step #4: Decide on the Bookkeeping Services You’ll Offer

how to sell virtual bookkeeping services

Using accounting conventions makes your financial statements comparable and realistic. For example, the principle of consistency requires accountants to apply standards consistently year after year. Each type of financial statement requires different information to prepare, but they’re created using the same three accounting principles. Because financial statements serve as fundamental sources of financial information, you need to apply basic accounting principles to ensure accuracy and consistency. Review the Centerfield company’s income statement for the period ending December 31.

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